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5% annual return as above, you can expect to make $18,000 worth of contributions and have an ending balance of . That’s a major step toward paying for college expenses, especially if your child can earn scholarships and consider attending an in-state school. 529 plans have evolved to include more than college expenses, however.

Pay for college and other post-secondary education expenses like for professional school or graduate school Most withdrawals count as tax-free and: Single parents can contribute up to $85,000 per year Married couples can contribute up to $170,000 per year. 529 plans technically invest in plans organized at the state level, meaning each state has its own set of rules tied to 529 plans and the investment options available.

A great option to consider is . Backer, a hassle-free 529 Savings Plan where your family and friends can play a role, has helped families save over $20 million towards college in just minutes. You can use the 529 plan to put your child on track to afford college; all while remaining invested in an asset class that will grow over time.

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In sum, 529 plans offer a narrow set of uses on qualified education expenses. They can provide a means to avoid having your children take on costly student loans and offer tax incentives to do so. For financial needs outside of schooling, you might consider opening an investment account like a UGMA/UTMA custodial account, joint brokerage account or .

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These are perfect for you to teach topics on . You can contribute money to the account and manage it with their ability to see how you handle the investments together. A single adult can contribute up to $17,000 per year to the custodial account while a couple can contribute up to $34,000 per year if they file taxes jointly.

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This type of custodial account can be used in a variety of ways, which include . Along with their traditional uses like financial assets and , UGMA custodial accounts can also be used to store items such as property deeds, automobiles and valuable art collections. A parent, guardian or other individual (the custodian) opens an account in the child’s name and contributes money irrevocably into the account.

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It remains the property of the minor. The account then transfers ownership when the child reaches the age of majority in his or her state of residence. Custodial accounts are often used as a means of investing money that you want to remain with your child until they come of age, or when they graduate from high school.

That’s over 300x on your $1,000 contributed at birth under the same 8. 5% average annual return scenario. If you contribute $1,000 every year from your child’s birth until they turn 18 and let the money compound until turning 68, they’d have. That’s a fantastic return any kid would be grateful to receive.

95/mo. for one child, $4. 95/mo. for families with 2+ children is a mobile app that allows parents and guardians to set up a UGMA account, where they can quickly start investing for their children. This app provides a convenient and inexpensive way to gift money to a child, with funds available to go toward any expenses that benefit the child.

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Then, you can create a unique gifting link for friends and family to use for the baby shower, birthday gifts, and beyond. Once your child is born, a traditional Early, Bird investment account costs $2. 95 per month for one child, or $4. 95 per month for multiple children. When opening an , Early, Bird allows you to choose from five strategic ETF-only portfolios, with investing goals ranging from conservative to aggressive, based on your stated risk tolerance and overall investor profile.

Do family and friends want to provide a gift, but think money is too impersonal? With Early, Bird, they can record a video to go along with their financial contribution, personalizing these moments which last a lifetime. And if you’d like to give but the recipient doesn’t have an Early, Bird account, you can text them a link from the app to the recipient’s phone number.

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Parents can add a “Moment” to their child’s timeline at any time by uploading photos or videos with notes to capture magical moments as their child grows—no contributions necessary (but naturally encouraged). You can choose to automatically share Moments with anyone else who has invested in your child on Early, Bird, but each Moment also has its own unique link that you can share with people outside of the app.