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What Is The Difference Between Hemp, Marijuana, & Cannabis? in Epsom

Of course, more research will be necessary to understand these complex hereditary differences. While there will likely still be a debate about the hemp v. marijuana distinction, this classification system is popular for good reason. Also, there appears to be a scientific basis for grouping hemp and marijuana into separate genetic categories.

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Plus, with the growing interest in hemp’s industrial uses, it’s important for farmers to separate out strains for industry and those for human consumption. While it might not be a perfect classification system, “hemp v. marijuana” is still around because it continues to help cultivators and consumers make informed choices.

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Hemp and marijuana—what’s the relationship between the two? For decades, cannabis aficionados have been baffled by the question. Does it have to do with plant sex, THC content, or some other arcane factor? If you count yourself among the confused, fear not—the time for clarity has arrived. We’re here to delve into the relationship between cannabis and hemp.

Are Marijuana And Hemp The Same Plant? Hemp and marijuana are both members of the same genus, Cannabis, and the same species, Cannabis sativa. To understand the difference between hemp and marijuana, we need to know a bit about the subtypes, or cultivars, of the cannabis plant. Cultivars are breeds of a plant species bred for different purposes.

It’s more accurate to say that numbers one and two tend to be hemp, while number three tends to be cannabis. So where do we draw the line? How can we know for sure whether we’re looking at hemp, or at cannabis? What Is The True Distinction Between Hemp And Cannabis? Hemp and cannabis are legally defined by the concentration of THC present in the plant.

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3%. In the EU, hemp is defined as cannabis plants with under 0. 2% THC. Many European companies aren’t thrilled about this difference; in fact, the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) has called for these rates to be standardised to ensure fair competition. Legality In the States, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was the first legal restriction placed on cannabis cultivation.

However, that has now been reversed in much of the world. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (the farm bill) in the States legalized the production of low-THC hemp (that which falls under 0. 3%) for industrial purposes. This law was passed on a federal level, and thus applies to all of the states.

Though, this is not the same as CBD oil—and the same plants are not used in the production of both hemp fibre/seeds and CBD-rich flowers. In Europe, it is more difficult to give exact dates, as ultimately each country deals with its laws separately. That being said, on the level of the EU, the production of low-THC hemp (under 0.

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However, in some countries (such as Portugal), they've gone so far as to decriminalise recreational cannabis too. Auvergnefarm How Important Is THC? Are hemp plants just cannabis plants that happen to have less THC? Again, the reality is more complicated. Hemp plants, especially those grown for industrial purposes, tend to look, grow, and act differently than marijuana plants.

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Industrial hemp plants can be grown close together, some varieties as close as 10cm, over their growth cycle of 108–120 days. Hemp tends to be grown in large, austere industrial plots. Marijuana, on the other hand, is a higher-maintenance plant that requires a more gentle touch. Marijuana tends to be grown in warm, carefully controlled environments where each plant gets at least a metre of space.

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Marijuana is sensitive in another crucial regard as well: if a marijuana plot is exposed to hemp pollen, the whole crop can be destroyed. Uses of Hemp Plants vs Marijuana Plants Despite originating from the same species, Hemp tends to be used for its fibres, as it is grown to be taller and less bushy.

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Textiles Building materials Paper Rope and cord Seeds Oils (Mostly CBD) Textiles Building materials Paper Rope and cord Seeds Oils (Mostly CBD) Marijuana, on the other hand, THC is only found in high quantities in marijuana, so recreational users (and some holistic users) will opt for this variant of the plant.